A Fan Con For All Things Sherlock Holmes.

Atlanta, GA - April 13-15, 2018



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Weapons Policy

For the safety of our members, 221B Con has deemed it necessary to further encode its weapons policy. If you choose to include replica weaponry in your costumes, please review this policy carefully.

221B Con understands that costuming is a vital and important part of the con experience, and we do not want to stricture the creativity of the fans in a senseless manner. Fans choosing to carry prop weapons, or other items listed below, use and carry them at their own risk. They assume all liability to and from anyone injured or otherwise harmed directly or indirectly by the fans acts or inaction. 221B Con shall not be liable for injury, harm, damage, or any other liability associated with any person’s use of any weapon permitted, or banned, at 221B Con events.

All costume “weaponry” must comply with the Con policy and with local, state, and federal laws. It is the responsibility of the fan to familiarize him or herself with all applicable laws as this policy does not constitute legal advice.

221B Con Weapons Policies are enforced at all times and non-compliance can result in confiscation of your badge and expulsion from the con. The determination to expel a member is solely at the discretion of 221B Con staff.

  1. Should a member of 221B Con ask to inspect a member’s weapons, they must be allowed. Failure to allow the inspection will result in confiscation of the member’s badge and expulsion from the Con.
  2. Live steel (real swords, daggers, knives, or metal items) is not allowed.
  3. No firing weapon or real guns, even if they are modified not to fire.
  4. Real working weapons of any kind are prohibited.
  5. Members may not brandish a weapon, fake or otherwise, at any time. Brandishing is defined as exhibiting a weapon in manner that mimics actual use against a person. We will not allow dueling or other “fake” displays amongst costumed fans. 221B Con Staff and Hotel Security are empowered to decide what constitutes brandishing. We may confiscate the member’s badge he or she will be expelled from the con at our discretion.


221B Con 2018

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221B Con

A Sherlock Holmes convention in Atlanta, GA. www.221bcon.com
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