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Events & Programming

This is the prelimonary panel list for 2017. Panels could change at any time.


221B Baking Street-Join us for a scrumptious panel on how Sherlock has inspired marshmallows, tea blending, and other foods.

ABO Fic-What is Omegaverse? Where did it come from? A movement of decidedly feminist culture. 18 and up.

Anachronistic History-Research is always important in period pieces but modern storytelling and sci fi have made it possible to alter the rules of time. A look at out of place technologies in different historical eras.

And Baby Makes Four-BBC’s Sherlock’s decision to portray Watson as a father and how the presence of a baby Watson might have affected relationship dynamics in the original canon.

Arthur Continuity Doyle-Beginning with a short talk about some of the more famous fixes in the canon, participants can bring up their favorite canonical inconsistencies, and the panelists (or audience) improvise ways to fix them on the spot.

ASH-Come and learn the storied history of The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes and how you can be involved.

AU and Crossover-Come discuss the great number of alternate universe and crossover fic available in the Sherlock Holmes fandom.

Beyond Wikipedia-A crash course in research methods for the discerning writer.

British Panel Shows-We love our panel shows. We will discuss this British television phenomenon.

Cabin Pressure-Bow to the awesomeness that is John Finnemore.

Canon 101-Unsure where to start? Want to know the jokes behind the Speckled Blonde and the Geek Interpreter? Here’s the panel to ask questions without judgment.

Canonical Combatives-Singlesticks? Hunting crops? Penang lawyers? Blowpipes? Life preservers? Air guns? Baritsu? These are but a few of the exotic means of mayhem in the Canon. Learn more about the martial world of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

Con Etiquette-An overview of how to navigate the con community.

Costuming on a Budget-A team of experts give tips on how to pull together the perfect costume without breaking the bank.

CSI Baker Street-A look at how the techniques used by Holmes have developed into modern forensic science.

Cursed Child-Did we love it? Did we hate it? Let’s discuss.

Dirk Gently-A look at the BBCs new adaptation of the comedic detective.

Dr. Strange-The Marvel cinematic Universe most recent offering does not disappoint. Let’s talk Dr. Strange.

Drugs and Poisons in the Canon and Beyond-From Holme’s opium addiction to the ill-fated experiment in The Devil’s Foot, mind altering drugs have always played a role.

Elementary-Come discuss CBS’s detective duo.

Elements of Mystery in Horror-From the Saw franchise to Twin Peaks psychological thrillers have always embraced elements of mystery in their storytelling.

Fan Art-Spend an hour with some of your favorite fan artists.

Fanfiction Panel-All ages discussion of fan works.

Fandom Generations-What fandom was like in the Before Days - before YouTube, before the Internet, before VCRs. How fans met and interacted before the age of social media.

Fandom Studies-A look at fandom in academia.

Fandom Un-raveled: We’re Crafty–A look at online communities for Sherlock fans and fiber arts: knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving.

Fannish Estate Planning-All too often, fans fail to make plans for the disposition of their fannish collections or management of their online accounts in the event that something happens to them.

Fantastic Beasts-Fantastic Beasts presents us with a different kind of wizarding hero. Let’s talk Newt and his magical menagerie.

Female Detectives-Beyond Nancy Drew what other female detectives tickle our fancy.

Food and Sherlock Holmes-Let’s discuss his eating habits and how he uses and abuses food to meet his ends.

From Christie to Reichs: Famous Female Detective Novelists and Their Detectives-A panel focusing on prominent female mystery writers and their legacies.

Granada-The closest visual representation of canon in existence. A panel on the continued legacy of the Granada series.

Great Mouse Detective-Come and talk about everyone’s favorite duo portrayed by Basil of Baker Street and Dr. David Q. Dawson.

Hamilton-A rousing discussion of the single best hip-hop musical focusing on the founding of America.

Hidden Sherlock-A look at the little details and easter eggs offered to Holmes fans in other media.

Holmes and Video Games-Let’s take a look at how the Great Detective has made his way into our favorite video games from strategy to survival games.

Holmes as Comedy-A discussion of comedic portrayals of detectives from Without A Clue to Get Smart.

Holmes in Retirement-Beekeeping, World War I and life on the Sussex Downs.

Holmes through the Years-Sherlock Holmes is one of the most portrayed fictional characters in the world. Come discuss decades of dramatic interpretations.

House to Psych-A look at Hollywood’s appropriation of Sherlock Holmes.

Inner Dæmons-So we know which Hogwarts houses every Sherlock Character belongs in but what would their Dæmons be if they existed in the His Dark Materials series?

Inside 221b-Dive into the our favorite sleuths residence. Come discuss the interpretations of the rooms at Baker Street, from set design to dressing.

Is Sherlock a Superhero?-Discussion of Sherlock Holmes as a superhero including Holmes's "powers," Reichenbach, and his "resurrection arc".

Jane Austen-A discussion of the works of Jane Austen and the regency era.

Jellyfish, Adders, and Hounds, Oh My!-A look at animals in the canon.

Joan Watson-Come discuss CBS’s most under appreciated Doctor.

The Detective and his Blogger-Discussion of the most popular ship in the fandom, Johnlock.

Kingsman-New movie is almost here! Will we see someone come back from the dead? Time to talk about our hopes and dreams.

Kobayashi Maru-Discussion of different Sherlock characters and how they would handle the famous Koybayashi Maru.

Manners Maketh Man-A look at Victorian etiquette rules.

Media Adaptations-Pastiches of the screen, a discussion of our favorite detective’s appearances in television and film.

Meta Writing-Meta writers and their analysis help us to appreciate Sherlock Holmes in new ways. Discussion of the meta writing process and of popular themes in meta.

Merlin: Five Years On-It’s been five years since our hearts were broken by the Merlin finale. Come reminisce with us.

Next Time on Sherlock!-A spoiler filled discussion of Series 4.

Welcome to Night Vale-Former Mayor, Pamela Winchel, calls this press conference to discuss the latest goings on in our favorite desert town.

Pastiches 101-A look at the many pastiche works involving the Great Detective.

Playing the Game-How author John Watson and his literary agent, Arthur Conan Doyle, changed biographical literature.

Poly fic-The growing popularity of polyfic, the particular challenges with writing it, and popular pairings?

Podcasting-Love all these fandom podcasts? Ask the experts how to start your own.

Poe’s Dupin-Discussion of Poe’s MURDER AT THE RUE MORGUE, widely considered to be the first detective story.

PWP Fic-We all know that adult themes abound in fanfiction but why do we interact with this specific type of media differently than things that would traditionally be deemed pornographic. 18 and up.

The Rarest of the Rare: Fandom and the Rare Pair–From Mollrene to Johniarty, our fandom is full of some interesting connections. Come and discuss our favorite rare pairs. Stamcroft awaits you!

Sebastian Moran:Canon and the Fandom’s Obsession–An exploration of the second most dangerous man in London and how he is depicted in canon, film, and fandom.

Sherlock Holmes: Man of Many Hats-Everyone enjoys a good hat. Can you tell a trilby from a fedora? Known for his deerstalker, he is also a man of many hats.

Sherlock Holmes’s London Travel Guide–London on the cheap! And where are all those filming locations, anyway?

Sherlock Holmes: We’re Still Waiting-A Writers Room has been selected for the third Guy Ritchie film. What do we expect? What do we hope will come of this?

Sherlock’s Family-Is there another Holmes brother? What do we know about the Holmes patriarchs?

Sherlockian Actors on Stage-In the last two years many of the Sherlock actors have taken stage roles. What common characteristics cross over from screen to stage? How well do the actors transition from screen to stage? How strong overall were the performances..thumbs up or down?

Sherlockian Cocktails-Share recipes for your favorite Sherlock inspired libations and discuss drink pairings for canon stories. No alcohol will be at this panel.

Sherlock in YA Lit-From Nancy Drew to The Jewel of the Thames, Sherlock Holmes has been a great influence on young adult literature. Come discuss some of your favorites and, maybe, learn about some new stories.

Sherlolly-A discussion of the rarepairing.

Star Trek-With Star Trek: Beyond just released and CBS announcing casting for Star Trek Discovery, we have lots to talk about.

Strong Female Characters in Sci-Fi-We got a cast of five amazing women in Ghostbuster, Rey in The Force Awakens, and, Jyn in Rouge One. Let’s discuss how much we love them.

Supernatural-The show that refuses to die. A look back at the last twelve seasons with our favorite brothers.

Tattoos and Sherlock-Tattoos and their iconography in the canon and pastiches.

Transgender Issues in Fandom–Sherlock has a flourishing trans community. This is reflected in many of the fan works we all love. A discussion of how trans-visibility is affecting fandom.

Underwear Through The Ages-What's going on under all those historical costumes? We'll take a look at a variety of recreated historical underwear from the 1700's through the early 1900's to demonstrate how the silhouettes were achieved and how they changed over the years.

Vampire Holmes and Other Anime You Should Be Watching-Detective Conan is arguably the largest and most well known Sherlock Holmes inspired anime. We take a look at the other animes available that pull from our favorite detective.

Victorian Costuming-A discussion of techniques and starting points for the Victorian cosplayer.

Villains Need Love Too-Share your observations of the various villains we have grown to love.

Watsons Through Time-A look at the many different actors to portray Watson.

Women in Canon: Victorian Ladies Everywhere!-A look at the canonical women of the Sherlockian Universe.

World Building for Writers-Creating in depth universes to play hosts to your characters.

The Worst Sherlock-We love to argue about who is the best Sherlock but maybe we can all agree who is the worst.

Yarders-Sure everyone loves Lestrade, but let’s take a look at some of our other favorite officers.

Yuri!!! on Ice-A discussion of everyone's favorite anime about ice skating cinnamon buns.


Atlanta Radio Theatre Company – ARTC live performance, reminding us there is adventure in sound!

Costume Exhibition - No judges, just appreciation!

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